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Mancini is all

about attention to detail luxury fabrics amazing fit

Mancini. Designer menswear including polos, t-shirts and knitwear

What makes our jeans special?

Mancini jeans have been successfully selling jeans alongside other luxury brands for over 12 years, and there’s good reason why.

The stand-out reason people tell us why they love our brand is the very best luxury stretch denim we use for all our jeans. For you, this means absolute comfort every time you put them on. Even after they’ve just been washed! The stretch in the denim fibres allows them to retain their shape, wear after wear, so you always look great.

As important as comfort, is the fit. We’ve perfected a regular and a slim fit – you choose how you prefer to wear them. Once you’ve found your fit, you know you can try another wash confident that they will fit as perfectly as your last pair.

Attention to detail and discreet branding are at the heart of all our designs. The embossed button detail, unique premium steel and leather badges and of course the iconic Mancini shield on the rear pocket are what make our jeans stand out without needing to shout about it.


What are we about?

We are not a fast fashion brand.  We don’t chase trends – instead we concentrate on creating timeless, classic and versatile pieces that can be worn throughout the year. Our emphasis is on helping our customers to create a capsule wardrobe, full of carefully selected pieces you can wear whatever the occasion.

In order to achieve this, we source the best factories from around Europe for each of our products.  This careful selection means that we can create luxury products made to last.  We encourage our customers to make thoughtful purchases that will see them through on their life’s journey and we understand that each is different and special….

What does this mean for you?

Every garment you purchase will be of the highest quality and comfort and will withstand the test of time.  We promise attention to detail and the ultimate fit, resulting in you looking effortlessly stylish.  Our aim is that you pull out your favourite pair of jeans time after time and that they remind of special moments in your life – we all have them!

And the planet?

With slower production schedules and small batch collections, we aim to reduce the textile waste clogging our landfills.  Where we can, we will source collections in the UK, for example our 100% wool scarves made in one of the last weaving sheds in Northern England.

We also ensure our pieces are ethically produced with good working practices for our suppliers employees.