Born in 2008, Mancini is the brainchild of British menswear retailer, Jan Dickinson.

Understanding high end fashion retail, Jan soon realised that many men were unable find their perfect jean; one that offers style, comfort and versatility whilst adapting to the called for sizes for a British man’s waist and legs. As a result, Mancini was born.

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Delivering the perfect fit, manoeuverability and comfort for all occasions

Dean VIII Black - Slim Jeans


Dean VIII Blue - Slim Jeans


Kenny - Slim Jeans


Barkley Rio Red - Regular Jeans


Jimmy Burnt Orange - Regular Jeans


Aviator - Slim Jeans


Ashton - Grey 3 Button Jumper


Albie - Electric Blue Half Zip Jumper


Marcus - Pure White Polo


Geoffrey - Navy Polo


Dean - Orange Polo


Albie - Black Half Zip Jumper


Unique buttons and badges made from premium steel & leather

About our Jeans

Mancini jeans are produced in Porto; a city renowned for its textile manufacturing traditions and fashion. Many of the world’s finest jeans are created in this famous Portuguese city, including Paul Smith, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Pretty Green.

The unique composition of the premium denim results in a hardwearing, stretch jean that fits and adapts to the majority of leg sizes. It’s because of this adaptable denim that Mancini jeans are made in just two cuts: slim and regular. Mancini jeans are an all-rounder, giving you complete manoeuvrability and the confidence that your jeans fit and always look amazing, whatever the occasion.