Mancini Denim Aftercare

Mancini denim is made from the highest quality textiles and fibres and will benefit from some simple after care. Here are some things to consider when washing, drying and storing your Mancini denim;


  • Always wash inside out and do NOT use a high spin. (the steel drum of a washing machine and other items in the wash act as friction, you could say sandpaper, that's why its important to protect the outer denim from unnecessary wear and tear)
  • Always wash at temperature 40°C or lower.
  • Always use non-biological washing detergents (biological washing detergents contain bleaching agents what will fade the jean over time, especially black jeans will start to have a grey tint)
  • Always use a fabric conditioner (when you apply heat and water to cotton based garments they contract when they dry, you will often think you have put on weight when putting a pair of jeans on after washing, adding fabric conditioner will help reduce the contraction and protect the weave in the fabric)
  • Always dry naturally, NEVER tumble dry Mancini denim.
  • Always iron your Mancini denim inside out.
Other useful tips;
  • Do not dry your jeans outside in direct sunlight as this will slowly fade your Mancini denim.
  • Never fold your jeans, always store on the back of a chair or hang Mancini denim up.
  • Avoid washing your jeans for as long as possible, we recommend treating any stains individually, hang them out to air naturally.