From the Home of Men’s Jeans

Mancini jeans are produced in Porto; a city renowned for its textile manufacturing traditions and fashion. Many of the world’s finest jeans are created in this famous Portuguese city, including Paul Smith, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and Pretty Green.

Adaptable, Stretch Denim

The unique composition of the premium denim results in a hardwearing, stretch jean that fits and adapts to the majority of leg sizes. It’s because of this adaptable denim that Mancini jeans are made in just two cuts: slim and regular. Mancini jeans are an all-rounder, giving you complete manoeuvrability and the confidence that your jeans fit and always look amazing, whatever the occasion. 

Made to Measure

Your jeans should fit perfectly, and Mancini jeans can be adapted to any leg length. For those of you in the North West wanting a personal jeans fitting service, appointments can be made for Jan to visit you at home or work.  He will pin and alter your jeans in the comfort of your own home or workplace. Please call us to arrange an appointment. 

The Finest Threads

Customers always comment on the exceptional stitching of Mancini jeans. The manufacturers use only the finest threads to create intricate, high contrast stitching which sets them apart from other brands.

Premium Buttons & Badges

The finer details are so important to Mancini and it’s this attention to detail that makes the jeans instantly recognisable. The buttons and badges are made from premium steel and leather to give the jeans their individual look, featuring the unique Mancini branding and designs that draw admiration.

That Mancini Moment

If you haven’t experienced it already, we look forward to introducing you to that ‘Mancini moment’ when you put on your first pair of Mancini jeans and feel the unrivalled comfort, fit and style.